Your Pet's Home Away From Home

Our number one priority is the well-being of your pet. At The Pet Club, we know the health and welfare of pets in our care is the most important service we can offer. When your pet stays with us, we provide a safe, secure, and calm atmosphere for your furry companion. Calming music is played in their clean and size-appropriate private room with comfortable bedding. Your pet will receive all of the physical and emotional care they require!

We ask the owner to provide the pet’s normal food in a sealed container to avoid any dietary concerns.

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NOTE: To attend the facility, your pet must be current on Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccinations. Please bring records of the shots when you arrive. Thanks!


We love dogs here at The Pet Club! Dogs will have ample play time and generous time outdoors for exercise romping, playing, fetching, and sniffing. If you want your pets to get some social time, we gauge each dog’s personality and temperament, and match them with other dogs with whom they will get along. Our staff has extensive experience dealing with canines, so we know how to keep your dogs safe while they make some new friends during their stay!


Our feline guests will enjoy accommodations which include a plush bed for sleeping, a cat tree for climbing and perching, and toys for playing. Even the most discerning of cats will have everything they need to find contentment during their stay, in a safe and secure private room. As a special bonus, cats staying with us may also enjoy use of our secured “catio” during open hours in appropriate weather conditions! Your kitty will relax in a stress-free atmosphere, while being pampered here at The Pet Club. Every cat will be treated with one-on-one attention daily to ensure their emotional needs are met.

Extended stay pricing is available to fit your budget. If your cat requires special circumstances, they may be discussed on a case by case basis.


The Pet Club offers a safe place for your feathered friend in a temperature controlled environment. This area is completely safe for avians, and our dedicated staff has avian experience. We encourage you to bring your bird’s cage to minimize the stress of boarding. If you need to use one of our cages, a one-time cage fee is assessed. The Pet Club offers daily cage liner changes, fresh water as often as necessary, and baths (including a shower perch if your bird is tame and easily handled). A fresh food snack of Varietee’s Bird Store Yummy mix will be provided daily. We love to see our avian attendees enjoying themselves, so please let us know your bird’s favorite snack and we will do our best to have it on hand during their stay.

We ask the owner to provide the bird’s normal food in a sealed container.  Individual services for birds with special needs are available.

Little Critters

Though your little pet is small in size, we understand they have big needs! Our Little Critter area is safe, secure, and separated from larger animals. We can accommodate pets who require special needs; however we do ask you to bring their habitat and regular diet to ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible.

Senior and Special Needs Pets

Our senior guests, and those with special needs, will enjoy accommodations in a quiet area. We understand some pets require more TLC, and The Pet Club can tailor a personalized boarding experience to exactly what your pet needs. Each room will include orthopedic bedding, and each guest will receive the personalized attention needed. This may include administering medications, being carried to and from the outdoor area, and time outdoors alone or only with other family pets. We care about all of our little guests, and we want to ensure their time here is comfortable and safe.